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Embroidery Ca de Bou 1
Embroidery Ca de Bou 1

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

- sticker (manufacturer, durability)
- personalized stick files
- Companies / association logos
- Licenses
- Sets and set prices
- Browser
- Error messages from the embroidery machine
- Frame sizes
- available file formats

sticker Plotter film Oracal 651/751 or 631
Intermediate Cal The Oracal 651 is a special PVC film, self-adhesive on carrier material. It is particularly suitable for short- and medium-term inscriptions, markings and decorations for interior and exterior use on even surfaces, e.g. Lettering and markings on shop windows and signs. The Oracal 651 with glossy surface can be refined in digital thermal transfer printing (with resin bands). The Oracal 651 Intermediate Cal is classified as B1 (DIN 4102-1) on steel and has a general design approval (ABG, D5292) according to §22a StVZO. The film can be cut on all commercially available cutting plotters.

Info Stickfiles:
Personalized stick-file (dogs, cats, horses): You can order your personal stickfile here Http:// The creation of such a file costs 40 € per head. The picture of your pet (dog / horse / cat) should be photographed with high resolution and transmitted.

Of course I need a template.
Best of several, from which I can choose the best perspectives. A good and high resolution from 1000 pixels is needed. Just zooming on the required pixels is unfortunately not useful, since this makes the recording look blurry at the zoom. And then comes a lot of manual work. I do not work with Photoshop, Inkscape or similar, but I draw every single motif by hand on the PC!

In my breed dogs I use different pictures to be able to deliver a neutral breed portrait.
This also includes, for example, giving the dog a certain direction. Because nothing looks worse in the eyes of a dog owner than if the dog does not look to a "look". To do this, it is sufficient to rotate an image by a few degrees. (This does not apply to "proud" dog breeds with "giant ego" or CATS: D) There is a working time of at least 2-3 hours per portrait, which one does not see.

That is why it is also important to take the animal at least from the top of the eye, or if you are taking pictures in pairs, the owner with a treat is about 1 meter in front of you, and they take pictures of the height of the animal at the height of the animal (ie diagonally above). To put it bluntly ... I hope you understand: D

Each animal is individual, each animal is beautiful and has its own charisma. Please, however, please, as beautiful the snapshot / image of the animal is, unfortunately it can not always everything one to one.

And still very important: If you want to have a picture in the race of your pet: Then all the paws should be seen. For nothing looks worse than an animal that lacks a paw (or is not visible). And still very important: if possible always from the side. Not obliquely (looks bulky) and also not from the front (looks also stupid)

You see: the right selection of the picture is very difficult, but still fun !!!

When selecting the picture, the following should be taken into account: - from the point of view photographed - select a high resolution from the outset - if it should be a picture in the run all legs / feet should be visible - Please take care that the photo is bright enough so please send me more and more pictures so I can make a pre-selection to show you which photos are suitable for editing. You can send these pictures to info at naeheecke. Com under your billing number. As soon as the money has been registered, I will create your embroidery file and then send you a preliminary draft for further voting. You will receive your personal embroidery file for all your frame sizes as Plott file (EPS, CDR, SVG) and as JPG.

Company and club logos:
The price has to be calculated in advance.

All customers receive the same services, regardless of whether they are private consumers or traders. This includes the license for embroidering or plotting according to the terms and conditions in the amount of 20 units per item! Further licenses can be purchased at any time (eg 10x per item = 200 times usage, incl As shown in Fig.

Why are there no sets?
Because my customers can order exactly what you need without having to buy other things they do not like.

If several items are ordered, there is of course a shopping basket. Our customers will also receive another one from the third order

Safari users:
The Shopsytem has some problems with Safari from Mac.Use in this case a better browser (eg Firefox for Mac!)

Error messages
My embroidery machine does not recognize stick files!
Please check the following possibilities: - are in the file name Umlaute available Ä, Ü, Ö, ß? - Does your machine have problems with spaces or special characters? (Error message with Brother Innovis 800E, Janome MC 500 E)  > Change the filename without umlauts, blank or special characters

- has the stick file too many punctuation marks?
> Rename file - is the file size corresponding to the frame size? (13x18 does not fit in 10x10!)  
> Customize the frame size - How many stitches does your stick file have?  
> Your embroidery machine may not recognize the file because it has too many stitches

The result is not so exhilarating on thin artificial leather or other thin material: - 2 layers of wash-out fleece UNDER the main material, as well as 2 layers of washable fleece Lay over the main material and then embroider! Then simply more material is there and the result will be more beautiful!

Frame sizes
The illustrated embroidery files are prefabricated for the frame size 10x10. You will receive your embroidery file in a desired frame size in the desired format when ordering!

E-Mail address:

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