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Embroidery Panda bear 2
Embroidery Panda bear 2

3,00 EUR

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Delivery Time: via e-mail within 1 Workday!

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The shop is currently under construction.

If something is missing, then do not hesitate to write me!

All customers receive the same services, whether private consumers or business people.
This includes the license to embroider or plot according to terms and conditions in the amount of 20 units per file!
Additional licenses can be bought at any time
(eg 10 licenses x per file = 200 times usage, incl. additional discount!)

Their license number consisted of:
Customer number invoice number-SKU
(This is to be prepared for further inquiries!)

Why only 20 times per file?
You are sure not to embroider the same animal portrait or vaccination cover 20 times, unless you are: tradesperson, dog breeder, vet, etc.
Therefore buy the license when the 20 units are used up.

In general, you can get almost all embroidery files as a plotter file within the terms and conditions.
You are not allowed to sell them as stickers or as stickers, because this is only for us.
For some files it is not possible to worship them as plotter files due to the ability to create stitches.
With these files, however, this is usually the case that they are not available as a plotter file.

As described on the start page, select your file in the area Embroidery and plotter file,
specify OTHER in file format, frame size also and then share messages
the file format of your plotter.

Why are there no sets?
Because my clients can order exactly what they need without having to buy other things that they do not like.
Furthermore, we offer very individual files that are intended for a special clientele.

If several things are ordered, of course there is also a shopping cart discount.
Our customers also receive a further discount from the third order.
That is why we do not participate in any percentage campaigns, as they are automatically passed on to our customers after the third order!

Dealer unlocks:
Dealer clearings ONLY after an email to info @ with notification of a corresponding web or Facebook page with stated imprint!
If no complete imprint is deposited, there is NO dealer access!

E-Mail address:

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09.Embroidery Paw and Hand Nr. 3
10.Embroidery Traces in the sand feet and paws


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