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Embroidery Podenco Ibicenco 2 5x7"
Embroidery Podenco Ibicenco 2 5x7"

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Here's a short info about the Photostitch motifs:

Photostitch is a "slightly different kind" of embroidery, this is a meandering stitch that creates an effect similar to the "sfumato (Italian:" smoky "," smoked ") technique of Leonardo da Vinci in an embroidery.

Please compare the colors with the template.
A photo stitch is embroidered with about 5 colors.
Starting with the darkest color in gradations to the brightest shade.
Attention: the brightest shade will never be 100% opaque !!!!
Please pay close attention to motifs like the beagle or the longhair chihuahua on a matching fabric, as this can shine through!

In most cases, such a motif has 12000 stitches up!
If you decide on a motif with Photostitch, embroider it first on your desired fabric with a solid fleece as a base.
Afterwards, please steam your motif before processing the fabric as the fabric may contract due to the density of the fabric.

Motifs with many bright surfaces are better suited for light fabrics.

Please note:
- available frame sizes!
(Not every motive is suitable for 10x10 frames)

- Stitch number limit of your machine in connection with the frame size!
although a stitch count limit of 35tsd is specified, the rule of thumb for the 13x18 frame is: not more than 30tsd stitches!

- Synthetic leather is not suitable for motifs with more than 4000 stitches, as this draws too much!

- matching colors (Maraton Rayon is always stated)

- Photostitch looks better from a distance than close!

- Not all motifs are suitable for photostitching.
If you are interested in the digitization of a photo editing work, the graphics must have at least 1000 pixels (not enlarged original)

- White and black dogs / cats / horses are NOT suitable for photostitch designs!

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02.Commissioned embroidery file person PHOTOstitch
04.Embroidery Australian Shepherd 2 4x4"
05.Embroidery Paw and Hand Nr. 3-1 4x4
06.Embroidery Australian Shepherd 2 5x7"
07.Embroidery Paw and Hand Nr. 3-1 5x7"
08.Embroidery Australian Shepherd 9 4x4
09.Embroidery Paw and Hand Nr. 3 10x10
10.Embroidery Australian Shepherd 9 5x7


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