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Embroidery Dogscooter 2-1 ITH Keychain
Embroidery Dogscooter 2-1 ITH Keychain

3,00 EUR

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  Item 2 from 2 to a category Bordeaux Dogge 1-1    Back to category

Embroidery Dogue de Bordeaux 1-1 5x7


Download in your customer area when the payment is verified
3,50 EUR

add. the appropriate shipping costs
Delivery Time: download product after activation

Here you get an embroidery file for a Dogue de Bordeaux 1-1


Frame size: 5x7
File Size: 4.92 x 4.33

Stitches: ca. 26700

It is only to embroidery files, not to the finished embroidered application!

Stitched works, which are provided with the embroidery, allowed stating: "Stick Design by NaehEcke / Dogue de Bordeaux 1-1" are sold.

If you have any problems with my file, so please call me!
Shipping free by email!
Please let me know in your order and the file format of your embroidery machine!
This embroidery pattern is stored individually for your embroidery machine!

A resell, exchange, copy or alter the embroidery file is not permitted.

The copyright of the motive is expressly on!

- Each embroidery file / plotter file may be max. Become 20 times (private or commercial).

- You may not make a sticker or patch for sale from plotter files.

All designs that you make from my plotter or embroidery files must be integrated into another product and must not be sold separately.

Embroidery Dogue de Bordeaux 1-1 5x7

This product was published on Friday, 17 May 2019 in our catalogue.

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